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Risk Management Consulting

Progressive risk management strategies

Effective risk management is an integral part of any successful organisation in generating a sense of well being within the workplace. It ensures that the needs of your organisation are properly addressed and provides for a range of benefits including:

  • Compliance with legislation
  • Reduced organisational impacts in terms of safety, environmental and quality
  • Reduced insurance premiums 
  • Increased employee involvement and ownership 
  • Effective corporate governance and image
  • Improved operational risk strategies

At Delta, we focus on providing a proactive and practical approach to risk management. We undertake to partner with companies in the development of comprehensive and effective  risk management systems whether OHS, environmental or quality. We can assist and guide your organisation by providing service solutions including:

  • Systems reviews and gap analysis giving a snapshot of current compliance
  • Workplace risk assessments and incident investigations
  • Systems manuals, policies and procedures to address identified deficiencies
  • Risk management systems training to ensure that the organisation understands and applies risk management strategies
  • Systems auditing to provide ongoing feedback and guidance to ensure continual improvement
  • Placement of consultants within your company (full time/ part time) to provide ongoing support

Delta can ensure your organisation has a practical risk management framework that complies with state based legal requirements and meets best practice standards for your industry. We can provide you with the professional know how together with ongoing support to establish and maintain an effective and tailored risk management program.

To further discuss our services, please contact us.