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Return to Work & Injury Management Services

Assurance through Professional Partnering

Does your business need assistance with the management of injured employees without having to hire a full time Return to Work Coordinator?

Can you use the advice and guidance of a fully trained Return to Work Coordinator & Injury Management Advisor?

Delta can provide a contracted outsourced Return to Work coordinator specifically for this purpose.

Professional RTW partnering benefits:

  • Your company will save the cost of recruiting and training professional Return to Work staff to fulfil legal obligations
  • Your company will be engaging an experienced professional with injury management and return to work expertise
  • Your company will receive a tailored Injury Management  Return to Work service designed to meet individual business needs
  • Your company will have access to the risk management, safety and training programs to reduce future exposure of a company to injury and illness

Our focus is to strike a balance in returning an injured employee to the workplace safely while reducing a company’s exposure to increased insurance premium costs.

Our aims are:

  • To provide an efficient and effective outsourced Return to Work Coordinator service focusing on early intervention and effective return to work outcomes
  • To guide an employer through relevant state or national Workers’ Compensation Legislation to ensure compliance and best practice
  • Reduced insurance premiums and potential negligence
  • OHS risk management awareness programs to reduce future exposure of a company to injury and illness

See below if your company fits one of the categories and could use Delta’s return to work services.

To further discuss our services, please contact us


NSW: An employer with a basic tariff premium exceeding $50,000 (category 1 employer) is legally required under the Workers Compensation Regulation (1997) to employ a designated return to work coordinator; an employer who is self insured; a specialised insurer with greater than 20 workers.

QLD: An employer in a high risk industry with 30 employees or wages exceeding $5.135m.

VIC: An employer with wages greater than $1m.