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Manual Handling Risk Management

Progressive Injury Risk Reduction Strategies

Manual handling is any task that requires the use of the muscular skeletal system to lift, move, push, pull, carry, hold or restrain any object.  There is a huge potential for injury risk associated with manual handling tasks.

Our tailored program covers OHS legislative requirements for manual handling, anatomy and biomechanics, ergonomics, risk assessment and management together with safe activity based manual handling techniques, work fitness and pause stretch exercises, all based on theoretical and practical components

We utilise such resources as:

  • Interactive face-to-face modular course presentation
  • Video on demand
  • Video production
  • Specialist risk assessment targeting areas of high manual handling risk
  • Training program to assist with work strengthening

Expected program outcomes:

  • Increased skill base and risk awareness for participants
  • Reduced number of injuries & associated workers compensation costs
  • Compliance with state based OHS risk management legislation
  • On-site tailored training can be arranged and delivered as required
  • Improved staff morale, productivity & performance

Delta will consult with you prior to developing a program, to identify specific tasks and employee requirements, ensuring that any planned course delivers outcomes to promote and encourage a safe working environment while delivering appropriate knowledge and techniques to empower self-reliance and personal responsibility.

To further discuss our services, please contact us