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Environmental Risk Management

Adapting to a changing world 

As we move into an era of environmental focus, organisations are adapting to meet challenges to the way they do business and the potential impacts on the environment. Delta can partner with your organisation to assist with meeting your company's environmental commitments and targets.

Delta's Environmental Risk Management structure can provide your firm with a continuous improvement model throughout all your daily processes, administration and support functions. This structure is based upon three quality principles:

  • Providing your company with practical policies, standards and tools to manage operational environmental risks
  • Empowering your people to manage environmental risks through increased awareness
  • Monitoring performance with structured monitoring and audit processes

Delta can assist your organisation to develop a practical and effective environmental management system and explore environmental opportunities for your organisation.

Key benefits of developing an environmental management system for your organisation are:

  • Potentially reducing operational impacts on the environment
  • Meeting the extensive regulatory obligations and avoiding the expensive costs of non-compliance
  • Empowering employees to understand and contribute to environmental programs 
  • Protecting your property and reputation
  • Having a system to demonstrate environmental due diligence
  • Having a proactive program in place to control incidents if they occur
  • Cost savings through governmental (federal/ state) based programs
  • Having a system of continuous improvement

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Effective management of environmental issues requires the development and implementation of an environmental management system. The challenge is to identify the inherent environmental impacts of your operations and the compliance requirements then manage them in a cost-effective practical manner while maintaining focus on your core business activities.

Environmental management systems have been developed by many organisations to meet these challenges. Through our service network we have developed considerable experience in developing effective environmental management systems. Our process aims to ensure that the final program is practical and easily maintained.

A review of your current environmental management system against a recognised standard, such as ISO 14001 can be the most effective way forward. Management systems may be based on ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems or on a self-directed program.

Delta’s knowledge and access to regulatory requirements, technical assessment methodologies and monitoring techniques are aligned with environmental best practice. These attributes, combined with a background in industry practises, enable us to provide your firm with cost-effective and beneficial solutions to your environmental challenges.

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